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About Us

Our Approach

Simplicity is elegant. And usually the best approach. By combining our decades lasting experience shared within our team from all possible facets of modern business (SMB, Corporate, Start-Up sectors), with extensive reach of partners and contacts within EMEA region, we are focused on Solution. Solution to your problem, the best one focused on your goal, not technology, not preferred partner, not our internal guidelines.

New Technology

CLOUD COMPUTING providing computing capacity to the end users from remote environment, where the required software runs as a service on a reliable and scalable servers instead of runs the software directly on each end users computer. OPENSTACK is a set of software tools for building and managing cloud computing platforms for public and private clouds. It controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, managed through a dashboard or through the OpenStack API.

Games & Apps

FuttesX is Czech multinational mobile games and apps developer and publisher. We are known for developing games and apps like several acclaimed Shape Eater or Business Project Heat Maps.

Shape Eater

Shape Eater

Shape Eater is a game that tests you reflexes, skill and adaptability.

Business Project Heat Maps

Business Project Heat Maps

Create your own Heat map! You can use it for business or just for fun!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

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FuttesX Blog

Interactive web platform based on newest technologies. OMNIUS platform allows you easily design and runs various applications from simple to complex information systems.


Creating database Visualization of the entity relations


Creating layouts with designed and tested GUI components


Identifies OMNIUS applications and manage them


Main configuration Modules overview, notifications, user list


Roles, group, authorization management


Integration management Web services (REST, SOAP), LDAP, WebDAV


Search through all structured and unstructured data


User and applications monitoring through all subsystems


Sends predefined emails




Future Solution Services Company founded in 2012. Over the last year had a turnover of CZK 300 million. The main centers of the company located in Prague, Brno, Jihlava and Usti nad Labem. Other cooperative offices in Kiev, Moscow and Berlin.



  • In our company we are using Business Project Heat Maps app for our business. It is briliant application for presentations and for risk considerations. Business Project Heat Maps by FuttesX help us with projects every day.

    - Future Solutions Services

  • Lord of Shapes is on a level between easy and hard. Very fun to play when you are bored. And it is very addictive.

    - Price Arlyne

  • Lord of Shapes is a cool quick game whilst waiting for the bus. It looks amazing! The music is charming and it's addictive as hell!

    - Andree Lind



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